Ikasenpresa: A programme organised by the Department of Education of the Basque Government

What is Ikasenpresa?

It is an educational programme which offers studentsthe chance to create their own companies in the classroom.

What do the students do?

  • They create the company they have in mind, producing products and/or services to be sold at different points (the education centre itself, the fair set up in accordance with the programme, within the students’ environment).
  • They perform all company activities (corporate image, marketing, market research, accountancy, etc.).

What do the students get out of it?

They learn entrepreneurial skills and what activities have to be carried out in order to start up a company.

How do the students learn?

Immersed in the new technologies through active learning methodologies.

What is the students’ assessment?

A completely positive experience.

What is Startinnova?

  • It is a programme designed to promote entrepreneurial behaviour among students.
  • It is a programme designed to obtain the methodologies and tools needed to start up a company, an entrepreneurial project.

What do the students do?

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    They work towards the development of the entrepreneurial skills of an entrepreneur.

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    They learn the Canvas method, a tool which is necessary when working on the business model.

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    They create a business model.

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    They take part in the provincial contest concerning business models organised by START-innova.
Program promoted by the Directorate of Vocational Training of the Basque Government

What is the Urratsabat programme?

It is a programme designed to help IVET students to create their own company.

What does UrratsBat do?

  • It uses the centre’s facilities to create and start up the students’ business projects.
  • It offers tutorials to help in the process of setting up companies (viability, location, analysis of technical resources) as well astechnical advice.

Who is it aimed at?

  • Urratsbat is aimed at students who are in their second year at Vocational Training Centres at an intermediate or higher level.
  • Former students of the Centre.
  • Anybody who has a relationship with the Centre through non-regulated training courses ordistance training.