Our methodology is based on students being able to find a solution to any complex real situation that arises through organised team work.

Taking as a basis the final competency profile, each student will have the opportunity to gradually acquire the competences, both specific and transversal, required for this profile (team work, communication, initiative, conflict resolution…).

And this is the path we take supported by cooperative education:


    Active interdependence


    A common goal


    Individual responsibility


    Honest communication


Multilingualism – Eleaniztasuna

At the end of their academic lives at our school, we want our students to have the following linguistic profile:

  • Our commitment to the Basque culture and language, in order to be a committed Basque citizen, collaborating with social movements.
  • Multilingual Basques: with a view to successfully using, both orally and in writing, the languages that the world of work demands nowadays (an excellent level in Basque and Spanish and the ability to communicate with agility, using digital technology effectively in at least one foreign language).