Mission, Vision and Values

These are our basic concepts

On the one hand, we aim to guarantee the trustand the degree of satisfaction of our clients (students and companies) towards us. To this end, we work with a view to offering high quality services and products, we promote entrepreneurship among students and we develop it in collaboration with enterprise and, in our day-to-day pedagogical routine, we make ours the new active methodologies which strengthen the current educational system.

On the other hand, bearing in mind our commitment to society, we are taking measures to improve and protect the environment and involve our clients in this commitment.

At the same time, and being aware of the importance of our staff’s implication in making this Policy effective, we aim to guarantee the occupational health of our employees. Our staff’s health, appropriate working conditions and occupational risk prevention are also commitments of the TILI management board.

We at TILI are committed to meeting legal and regulatory requirements as we are committed to our customers. Furthermore, we reaffirm our full commitment to continuous improvement.

We firmly believe that our SIG facilitates the laying of firm foundations for the development of creativity, effectiveness and competitiveness. And it is on the continuous improvement of this SIG that we base our success in fulfilling the expectations that interest groups have of us.

Improving labour insertionin each of the cycles, being the first reference regarding employment in our associated companies.

Being a reference in innovation, management and methodologies for companies from the educational sector, the health sector and community services.

Strengthening the collaboration with companies and partners regarding innovation and research projects.

Projecting the ikastola internationally.

Filling classrooms to capacity.

Improving the students’ satisfaction with the training received and the services offered both in formal and informal education.

Involving the students in responding to society’s many needs by encouraging their all-round development as persons.

In order to guarantee these 3 points successfully, TILI is backed by an excellent team and receives the help of collaborative companies and partners (health centres andcommunity service centres).

All our efforts are focused on the following aspects:

  • We want our students to be the protagonists in their learning process and we work towards their becoming not only qualified professionals but also entrepreneurs who are eager to immerse themselves in the world of research and committed to society.
  • We want to teach our students to be environmentally conscious so that, in the future, their attitude, awareness and sensitivity are reflected in the world of work.
  • We want to be competitive with the vocational training schools in our environment. We want to guarantee that the quality service that we offer our society subsequently benefits it.
  • As the services and products that we offer are a result of a collective human effort, we give priority to health care and occupational risk prevention and raising awareness in this matter.

Our strategy

On the path towards excellence

Tolosako Inmakulada Lanbide Ikastola (TILI) has implemented an Integral Management System (SIG) so as to guarantee compliance with legal requirements as well as with those of the ISO 9001:2015 quality standards, the ISO14001:2015 environmental certificates and OSHAS 18001:2007 Health and Occupational Risk Prevention certificate. This SIG guarantees fulfilment of our clients’ expectations and ensures continuous improvement in our activity.


With a view to implementing this Strategy of Excellence, we have, over the last few years, set ourselves some clear objectives, the most important of which can be seen below:

  • 2008 2008 – EFQM – Silver Q
  • 2011 2011 – EKOSCAN
  • 2013 2013 – ISO9001
  • 2015 2015 – ISO14001
  • 2016 2016 – OHSAS18001 — KSI
  • 2018 2018 – ISO9001 and ISO14001 new versions
  • 2019 2019 – Basque Award for Advanced Management

Quality certificates

Certificates awarded over the last few years