These are the people who make up TILI

Approximately 30 people make up the educational project known as TILI. At our school we are not in favour of a hierarchy as we believe that all the members of staff are the protagonists of the same project.

In order to achieve an integral, high quality development of each member of staff, we have a fully systematised Human Resources Management System which forms part of our Integral Management System. With the use of this management tool, we work on the different aspects of our staff:

  • Adaptation to the job post.
  • Performance evaluation.
  • Training of employees.
  • Motivation and recognition.

And in order to develop the different facets of each one of us, we have a powerful management tool – KEG (Continuous Development of Skills). Thanks to KEG, after making an initial diagnosis, each employee is assigned an Individual Plan for Improvement and Training. Once the plan has been followed and after a subsequent evaluation, each person’s weak points and strong points are identified with a view to designing a new Individual Performance Improvement Plan. In this way, we ensure the continuous improvement of our staff while at the same time evaluating the effectiveness of our training programmes.


Ana Monge – Manager – in charge of Strategy and Innovation

Amaia Arrastoa – in charge of education

Josu Martinez – in charge of systems

Ainhoa Mugika – in charge of non-regulated teaching


Garazi Egiguren

Itziar Undiano

Ixa Imaz


Ana Monge

Amaia Arrastoa

Josu Martinez

Garazi Egiguren

Itziar Undiano

Ixa Imaz

Peio Basualdo

Marta Arza

Lierni Urruzola

Leider Gantxegi

Izaskun Lopetegi

Gurutze Zipitria

Amaia Labaien

Amaia Karrera

Alaine Zubeldia

Santiago Calvo

Alan Aldasoro

Olatz Lopez de Sabando

Itxaso Urbieta

Enara Larrain

Amaia Hernandez

Maddi Zubillaga

Oihana Extreme


Nahikari Aranburu

Edurne Emazabel

Begoña Fernandez

Adrian Larrea

Ainhoa Mugika

Jon Ander Martija
(Alumno en practicas en Pauso berriak)