Tolosako Inmakulada Lanbide Ikastola (TILI) is a centre which has been organised as a workers’ cooperative since 2004. The decision to set up a cooperative was based on the Basque cooperativist culture and a strong belief in its principles.

In 2005, TILI decided to form part of Ikastolen Elkartea: because we feel part of our society, because we want to teach, learn, work and live in the language of our society – Basque.

These are the characteristics that define our school:

  •   A close interaction with the students.
  •   Initiative and entrepreneurship.
  •   A close relationship with the companies that surround us.
  •   Innovation.
  •   Internationality.
  •   Deep roots in our society.

In the 2017/18 school year, we initiated a new strategy (2017-21) with the following gaim in mind:

Based on the most advanced management systems, and always taking gender equality into account, we offer our young people innovative training, based on active methodologies. So we can guarantee the integral development of the person and the acquisition of the skills that our society and The companies in the environment demand.  We also offer ollaboration  in common projects with these companies to ensure the success of our students, both as a person and in the world of work, through the development of multilingualism, creative initiative and enthusiasm for research.

If you want to get to know our management system…